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donor assist px
Our innovative Normothermic Regional Perfusion system to minimise warm ischemia time of DCD donor organs.
Kidney Assist-transport
The Kidney Assist-transport is our transportable organ preservation system for donor kidneys. The oxygenated, hypothermic and pulsatile perfusion keeps the donor kidney in a better condition to improve the results of transplant.


liver assist px
The Liver Assist is our dedicated machine for Ex-vivo liver perfusion.  This novel device allows for hypothermic, subnormothermic and normothermic perfusion.
kidney assist px
The Kidney Assist is our latest addition to our portfolio and is designed for Ex-vivo perfusion of donor kidneys. Temperature control allows for hypothermic, subnormothermic and normothermic perfusion.
lung assist px
The Lung Assist is our perfusion device for In-Situ and Ex-Vivo perfusion of donor lungs. The Lung Assist has the possibility to perfuse donor lungs from hypothermic to normothermic and enables quality assesment of the donor graft.





HOPE trial

17 August 2018
There are multiple trials going on with the use of Organ Assist devices. The Liver Assist is being used in some RCT's accross Europe. One of the is the HOPE trial that is being run out of Zürich (Switzerland) by Philipp Dutkowski. More and more international well known centers are added.
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16 Aaugust 2018
We are always very pleased to meet you. Not only online, but also in person. Therefore we are happy to share our latest schedule of meetings with you. Find out yourselves which exact meetings and events we are attending. See you there! 
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Expert Meeting

8 January 2018
The Expertmeetings being held so far have shown to be a great success. Also the Expert Meeting Kidney Perfusion organized by the UMCG was an excellent day full of new data, presentations and demo's. Read and watch our recap and the TOP oral presentations.
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Improve your organ procurement, test the organs and increase the amount of transplantable organs.
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