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Organ Assist is involved in the large FP7 European trial called COPE - Consortium for Organ Preservation in Europe. We are involved in multiple workpackages of which 2 are randomized clinical trials: the COMPARE trial and the POMP trial. These trials make use of our Kidney Assist-transport device; our Hypothermic Oxygenated perfusion device for donor kidneys.

The objective of the POMP trial (WP3) is to evaluate pre-implantation reconditioning of donor kidneys from extended criteria donors (ECD) using oxygenated machine perfusion following cold storage. Work Package leader of the POMP trial is Prof. Andreas Paul from Universitätsklinikum Essen. The inclusion centers involved in the POMP are situated in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Hungary.

The COMPARE trial (WP4) is a randomised controlled trial designed to assess whether oxygenated machine perfusion is superior to non-oxygenated machine perfusion in increasing the longevity and quality of older cardiac death donors (DCD) kidneys. Work Package leader of the COMPARE trial is Prof. Jacques Pirenne from the University Hospital Leuven (Belgium). The inclusion centers involved are situated in The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. This trial has finished recruitment and inclusion, the results are expected in the course of 2018.

More information about the COPE can be found on the Trial Website: COPE-eu.com

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