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Donorrun 2014

During the annual National Donorweek, a team of twenty people representing the UMC Groningen Transplant Center (GTC) participated in the Donorrun in Amsterdam. This run was the closing event of a series of successful activities to commemorate all donors via several events but above all to encourage donor registration and raise awareness of the importance of organ donation in a positive way.

Transplant coordinators, transplant technicians, medical researchers, donation- and transplantation surgeons and even someone who has recently been transplanted were part of the team that together ran the 8-kilometre parcours, featuring some special highlights like Vondelpark, a fascinating passage through the Rijksmuseum and a spectacular finish in the Olympic Stadium.

The Fastest and The Most
Within the team, Andrie Westerkamp clocked an impressive time of 31 minutes and 31 seconds that saw him overall fastest of the Donorrun.

Thanks to all the effort put in and intensive promoting of donor registration over 220 people registered themselves via our team during the Donorweek. The total of registrations during the Donorrun was 1238 and our team was the biggest contributor to this amount.

We are also very delighted with 27.433 new people registered as a result of the National Donorweek. This means more awareness is created for organ donation successfully and will help us to save more lives in the future.

Running Together
To be at the forefront of machine perfusion, innovation and research is vital. Together with Organ Assist, Bridge to Life and Astellas we can achieve this and therefore we were very pleased to have these partners to be our sponsor for one of the most important events of the National Donorweek. Thanks to their contributions we were able to participate and be recognizable as a team. For further info on their cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of transplantation and organ donation, please visit their websites: / /

For a photo impression of the 2014 Donorrun, please visit: