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Expertmeeting Kidney Perfusion

Over the last decade, many studies have been performed investigating machine perfusion of donor kidneys. Findings of these studies have led to major improvements in both the clinical and the experimental transplant field. Therefore, we have brought together leading researchers working with the Organ Assist kidney perfusion systems to provide an update on the experiences so far.

This expertmeeting resulted in great oral presentations, followed by interactive discussions about the pros and cons of the specific applications. Whether it is hypothermic kidney perfusion; oxygenated or non-oxygenated; or Normothermic kidney perfusion. All applications have proven their benefit so far and all presenters were giving their explanation of their specific approach. The general conclusion was that we all add our reseources to the overall knowledge, no matter what we find. Every input counts and helps to improve our future results; together!

The Expertmeeting on kidney perfusion was concluded with three interactive workshop sessions in which the multiple aspects were shown. One workshop showed the detailed application of a kidney to the Hypothermic Kidney machine (Kidney Assist transport). The other practical session showed thew practical application of a kidney to the Normothermic kidney perfusion device (Kidney Assist).

We are very pleased to share a couple of oral presentations and workshops with you: