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Machine Perfusion session at ESOT 2015: cool AND hot!

This years key sessions were recorded and live broadcasted to ensure maximum coverage among interested professionals.

Please find below an overview of the ‘Global Warming’ session, held on Monday 14th September 2015.

One key take-away: “Oxygenated perfusion is going to help tremendously!” (Quote from Korkut Uygun, Boston, USA):

Cool is beautiful

Philipp Dutkowski (Zurich, SWITZERLAND) developed a promising technique to deliver oxygen into liver tissue using Liver Assist, carefully using low pressure and low temperature. Herewith he significantly improves cold preservation of the organs:

Can we escape global warming?

Gabriel Oniscu (Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM) works on a method to improve organ transplants from non-heart beating donors:

The dawn on the new ice age

Korkut Uygun (Boston, USA) works on a technique to preserve transplant organs by creating a chemical buffer zone around the organ’s cells in order to “supercool” them. This creates a longer window of time to reach their destination. How cool! His group has been using Liver Assist to recondition organs: