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More organs thanks to perfusion

Thanks to the opportunity to perfuse organs and the introduction of this technique into the major transplant centers in The Netherlands, the amount of donor organs that have been transplanted has increased. This was reported in the national news bulletin in The Netherlands on Monday 14 January 2019.

The National Transplant Society reported an increase in transplanted organs over the last year. A year in which the broad introduction of organ perfusion took place. The largest transplant centers in The Netherlands have introduced dedicated Organ Preservation Rooms in their OR facilities. This provides them the oportunity to perfuse organs before they are transplanted. Thanks to this perfusion technique the centers were able to transplant organs of which they were unsure whether the quality was good enough. The perfusion technique allows further testing of these organs before they are transplanted.

Besides testing organs, the different protocols of perfusion also add a quality factor to the procedure. This increases the number of succesfull transplants. Also the results of transplant gets better thanks to a dedicated perfusion protocol.


Watch the Dutch National News item below. Tip: turn on the subtitle option in the settings of the YouTube video for English subtitles.