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Organ Assist devices successfully used during DCD workshop

The full range of products, ranging from the Donor assist (for NRP), Lung Assist, Kidney Assist and Liver Assist were used during DCD 2016 workshop in Barcelona.


New office

Organ Assist has moved to a new location.

gerhard rakhorst

Royal Decoration

On Tuesday April 26th 2016 Prof.Dr.Gerhard Rakhorst a royal decoration as thank for his input in the development of the technique of organ perfusion

Liver Perfusion Workshop

Successful second international liver perfusion workshop at the Medical University of Groningen.

italy transplant

First in Italy: normothermic liver perfusion

Early 2016, a successful normothermic liver perfusion and subsequent transplantation was performed at the University of Pisa using the Liver Assist device.

gtc start

Machine Perfusion workshop at GTC 2015

On Thursday the 26th of November 2015, the first congress of the Groningen Transplantation Centre took place. The machine perfusion workshop with the devices of Organ Assist were well attended!

trendship defriesland small jpeg

Trendship: increased awareness for organ shortage!

On 27th of October 2015 Organ Assist participated in the largest meeting for digital trends and business innovation of the North Netherlands: Trendship.

esot logo

Machine Perfusion session at ESOT 2015: cool AND hot!

This years key sessions were recorded and live broadcasted to ensure maximum coverage among interested professionals. One key take-away: “Oxygenated perfusion is going to help tremendously!”

ilts logo

ILTS poster Cambridge

The University of Cambridge presented two cases of pre-implant Normothermic perfusion of donor livers. The group of Prof. Chris Watson at Cambridge University Hospital uses a Liver Assist to recondition and evaluate the quality of donor livers.

transplant international

Transplant International Perfusion edition

Transplant International has published a special issue about Organ Perfusion. The issue of June 2015 is all about perfusion of all different types of organs. Off course some devices of Organ Assist play a role in the publication.


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