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ILTS poster Cambridge

The University of Cambridge presented two cases of pre-implant Normothermic perfusion of donor livers. The group of Prof. Chris Watson at Cambridge University Hospital uses a Liver Assist to recondition and evaluate the quality of donor livers.

transplant international

Transplant International Perfusion edition

Transplant International has published a special issue about Organ Perfusion. The issue of June 2015 is all about perfusion of all different types of organs. Off course some devices of Organ Assist play a role in the publication.

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Video publication Harvard

Researchers at Massachusets General Hospital have published a video publication about the use of a Liver Assist device for subnormothermic perfusion of donor livers.


Organ perfusion on National TV

A Kidney Assist of Organ Assist played a role in an episode on National TV in The Netherlands in the scientific program "De Kennis Van Nu" (NPO2)


New employees for Organ Assist

Organ Assist has welcomed two new employees: Mark Slotemaker and Emma Offringa.


UMCG puts donor organ perfusion unit into use

From now on, the UMC Groningen Transplant Center will store and optimize donor organs in a specially equipped organ perfusion chamber before transplant. The donor organs are stored in Organ Assist perfusion machines and continually rinsed with oxygen


Liver Assist publication UPMC

The University of Pittsburgh and the UPMC have published their recent research with the Liver Assist. Dr. Paulo Fontes has perfused livers at subnormothermia with an artifical oxygen carrier solution.

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First inclusions kidney perfusion COPE

The COPE trial has included the first kidneys.

expertmeeting liver skillslab

Expert Meeting on Liver Perfusion great success!

On Tuesday November 25th the third Expert Meeting on Liver perfusion was organized in Groningen, The Netherlands. The meeting was hosted by the Groningen Transplant center of the University Medical Center Groningen, and sponsored by Bridge to Life an

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COPE ready to start

The COPE trial in which Organ Assist is involved is ready to start. Organ Assist has prepared all transplant technicians to control the perfusion devices.

Our devices are all CE marked


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