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Organ perfusion on National TV

Once again a TV show on Dutch National Broadcast had an episode about organ donation, with specific attention to organ preservation. The Kidney Assist of Organ Assist played a role in the explanation what organ perfusion can add to donor organs.

Dr. Christina Krikke explained that not only organ perfusion adds something extra to the organ, but also addition of oxygen helps to restore the quality of the organ. This might prevent the patient from extra dialysis after transplant and also maybe even a longer ‘lifetime’ of the specific donor organ.

You can review the complete episode of ‘De kennis van Nu’ here. (broadcasted on 1 April 2015, NPO2, Holland).

The UMCG in Groningen (The Netherlands) is an active user of the different devices of Organ Assist. These devices are all used within the special Organ Perfusion Room (OPR – Organ Preservation & Resuscitation Unit). The UMCG is working with a Liver Assist, Lung Assist, Kidney Assist and ECOPS.

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