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Liver Assist

The Liver Assist is our dedicated device for ex vivo perfusion of donor livers. Two different pump units provide a pulsatile perfusion of the hepatic artery and continuous flow to the portal vein. The oxygenated perfusion is pressure controlled. Temperature can be set from hypothermic to normothermic conditions thanks to an integrated heater/cooler.

Liver Assist

Organ Assist’s Liver Assist enables isolated and oxygenated dual perfusion of donor livers.


Isolated dual perfusion of donor livers

Pulsatile perfusion of Hepatic artery (60 bpm)

Continuous flow patern to Portal vein

Pressure controlled perfusion

Oxygenation of the perfusion solution/blood

Dedicated perfusion pressure and flow settings

Easy priming procedure

Automatic de-airing

Mobile device

Easy controlable by two press-dial buttons

Unique design liver holder which supports liver

Specially developed cannulas

Temperature adjustable from 10 to 38 degrees Celcius

Dedicated flow and pressure settings

CE marked

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