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Lung Assist

The Lung Assist is our device for the procurement and improvement of lungs for transplant. The system can be used for ex vivo and in situ perfusion of lungs.

Lung Assist

Organ Assists perfusion system for in-situ and ex-vivo perfusion of donor lung(s).


Isolated perfusion of DCD and DBD Lung(s)

Continuous flow perfusion pattern

Rotary pump head

Possiblity of (de)oxygenation of the perfusion solution

Membrane (de)oxygenator

Evaluation of lung(s) for transplant

Dedicated perfusion pressure and flow settings

Easy priming procedure

Built-in leukocyte filter

Shunt for retrograde flushing

Perfusion temperature from Hypothermic to Normothermic

Heater/cooler unit

Can be used for Ex Vivo and In Situ perfusion

Easy perfusion controls

CE marked

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