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The proprietary technology behind all our devices is mainly the same. All our perfusion machine consist of at least one (or more) pump unit(s), for most devices a Thermo unit and a work bench/trolley. The main difference is that every device is specifically designed for the intended use.

Oxygen: the game changer!

All our devices allow for oxygenated perfusion. Research has indicated that the addition of oxygen to the perfusion fluid has positive effects on the organ(s) as well as the transplant results.

Organ specific settings: pressure controlled

Every system has dedicated preset perfusion pressures, which are depending on the perfusion temperature. Which means that the Kidney Assist has dedicated settings and controls specifically for kidney perfusion and the Liver Assist characteristic settings and controls for perfusion of a liver graft.

Proven pump design: true pulsatile flow

Each pump unit of an Organ Assist device has an integrated pump drive which connects to the disposable pump head in the disposable circuit that is used for each perfusion procedure. 

The proven pump design allows for true pulsatile flow, independent of the perfusion pressure.

Common user interface: easy to learn and implement

The user interface of our devices is the same, which makes it easy to implement and extend our technology in your department.


pump headdisposable pump head

Industry unique: adjustable perfusion temperature

The Thermo unit gives you the choice of setting your prefered temperature environment for the organ. This provides you an industry unique opportunity of perfusing in between hypothermic and normothermic temperatures. You can even choose to slowly warm (or cool) the organ(s) during the procedure.



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